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Happiness is to share.

Welcome to the subgroup meeting page of the team MIS which advising by Prof. Ding. This site will collect some documents from our subgroup meeting, usually update every Tuesday.

Upcoming Events

Scheduled Events

  • 10/19/2021, Swarm Learning, by Yiyang Su, attachments;

  • 10/16/2021, Code introduction for Transformer, by Shuizhou Ke, attachments;

  • 09/21/2021, Happy Mid-autumn Festival, we will have our meet on 09/28/2021.

  • 09/14/2021, Research plan and summary.

  • 07/05/2021, Research progress, by Shuizhou Ke.

  • 06/20/2021, Few shot learning with medical image, by Hao Wang.

  • 06/07/2021, Research plan and summary.

  • 06/05/2021, Congratulations to group members Jiaxin Wang, Hongmin Zhang, Rui Tan on successfully defending theirs dissertation!

  • 06/01/2021, Undergraduate thesis defense, by Yuxuan Yang, Xiaojian Huang, and Shihui Li.

  • 05/25/2021, On Piracy, Plagiarism, and Copyright Infringement, by Luyue Zhao, attachments;

  • 04/27/2021, Few shot learning with Prototypical Network (Paper from NeurIPS 2017), and how to find papers on Web of Science and CNKI, By Hao Wang. slides

  • 03/09/2021, Research summary and plan, by the team member.

  • 01/30/2021, Brief introduction for MIC(Maximal Information Coefficient), from Blog, by Rui Tan, attachments;

  • 01/20/2021, Brief introduction for Transformer, from 大数据文摘, by Yuxuan Yang;

  • 01/05/2021, Brief introduction for IOU Loss in Object detection, by Shuizhou Ke, attachments;

Group News

  • 10/10/2021, Welcome Yifan Wang join our team!
  • 10/01/2021, Congratulations to our group member Yuxuan Yang won the 3rd Prize (Team name: HFUT-MedIA) in Surgical Action Triplet Recognition 2021 Challenge! News, Leadboard.